Changes in the LPPR in 2021

Reimbursement in France

France maintains a list of aids, which is not entirely dissimilar to our GKV medical technical aids register. The list for reimbursable products and services (list des produits et prestations remboursables), LPPR for short, contains all medical devices, the costs of which are fully or partially reimbursed by insurance companies. The LPPR differentiates between an individual product-related code and a generic code. The individual code is to be applied for goes hand in hand with the submission of test and property certificates, similar to our application for aids. In the case of the generic code, manufacturers only had to guarantee that they would meet the requirements without submitting the evidence.
However, a generic code cannot be assigned to a manufacturer name or product name, but to an entire type of product from different manufacturers whose names do not appear in the listing. On January 1st, 2021, these generic codes will now finally become invalid and a separate individual code must be requested for each aid in order to guarantee reimbursement by the insurance system. As early as the summer of 2019, we informed about this in individual letters, as the deletion of the generic codes was planned for January and April 2020. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the deletion was postponed for one year. But there will be no further postponement. If you would like to know more about listing options in France, contact us or our French colleagues at glorimed, our partner in the EUMMAN network.

UPDATE (21-12-2020): Due to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic the deletion of the generic codes has been extended again. They will now become in July 1st,  2021.

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