02 beo en history

BEO BERLIN® has been in the field of medical devices since 2000. BEO MedConsulting Berlin GmbH has relocated its headquarters to the German capital in 2003. Berlin is an innovative and inspiring location for the medical device industry. The influx of major organizations and associations, such as the Association of the German Statutory Insurances (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung Spitzenverband – GKV Spitzenverband), contributes to the city’s increasing importance in the medical world.

BEO BERLIN® Biography:

  • 2000: founding
  • 2003: headquarters in Berlin
  • 2003: HMV-registration in the service portfolio
  • 2008: BEO GmbH – limited liability company
  • 2009: BEO BERLIN® registered brand
  • 2009: partnership with Bioteco s.r.l. (formerly Biascon s.r.l.)
  • 2012: affiliate agreement with UK HealthGateway
  • 2013: recognized “Präqualifizierungsstelle” (Admission Authority for German healthcare-providers)
  • 2014: partnership with GloriMed Consulting SAS
  • 2015: EUMMAN (EUropean Medical Market Access Network) Partnership
  • 2015: Cooperation "Medical Experts Alliance"