beo reg.leis.DIMDI

German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information (Deutsche Institut für Medizinische Information und Dokumentation – DIMDI) is the publisher of official medical classifications and provides additional terminologies and standards that are important for health telematics. All medical-device manufacturers have to register their product at DIMDI before its introduction to the German market. DIMDI develops and operates database-supported information systems for drugs, medical devices and health-care data and is responsible for Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

In the field of medical devices, DIMDI has to set up and operate a database-driven information system. Furthermore, they have to collect announcements, certificates, incidents, clinical trials / performance evaluations and automatic notification system for paperless settlement of formal procedures of all stakeholders (producers, agents, authorities, etc.), including data backup systems.

This registration requires relevant forms and information about the manufacturer as well as their product. After having assisted various product registrations, BEO BERLIN® can contribute to your quick and efficient registration.

  • Access to DIMDI reporting system
  • Manufacturer compilation and registration
  • Medical-device compilation and registration


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