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A-Net Medmarketconsulting, founded in 2006, is BEO BERLIN®’s expert partner when it comes to product registration in Poland. Their broad experience in managerial and legal aspects in the medical-device market enables them to competently assist foreign companies in their market entry or further business activities.

Before the foundation of the company, their team members have gathered experience in various areas of the Polish medical market, including working at relevant institutions, legislative offices and the health ministry or in market monitoring. They have also assumed positions in different business fields, such as general management, marketing and sales. Currently, their goal is to assist foreign, as well as, local manufacturers in their activities in the Polish medical-device industry.

Respective A-net Services:

  • Product registration in the National Office of Medical Devices
  • Market research
  • Procurement and distribution facilitation, including negotiations
  • Polish public tender assistance
  • Training and seminars
  • Local branch assistance (opening and developing)

Slavic market:

  • Market analysis
  • Distributor and supplier research
  • Database of local manufacturers, distributors and products