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BEO BERLIN®’s international portfolio has become more complete through close co-operation with our partner, UK Health Gateway from the UK. UK Health Gateway is a consultancy. Their expert team comes from business and medical background, with years-long experience in regulatory affairs, quality system management, primary and secondary care development, reimbursement and distribution. They are, therefore, ready to assist you with successful product registration at the NHS (National Health Service) in a quick, cost-effective and high-quality way. For successful operations in the UK, NHS registration is an imperative. This, however, implies a variety of requirements.

The National Health Service:

  • Comprised of National Health Service England, Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales
  • Their products and services freely available to all UK citizens
  • Registration is imperative for medical product manufacturers

UK Health Gateway services include:

  • Regulatory and business model advising for NHS-registration
  • Assistance to reach quick and cost-effective sales
  • Full-day workshops on UK health-care related topics
  • Non-binding briefing discussion on registration and NHS matters

Documentation requirements for registration at NHS:

  • Regulatory approval / certification
  • NHS market understanding
  • Reimbursement approval
  • Proof of product effectiveness
  • UK pilot study evidence
  • NHS-appropriate business case
  • NHS-appropriate business model
  • Means of sale

For further information, please visit the UK HealthGateway website.