EUMMAN Network Extends Reach

Benefit From Our Contacts

BEO BERLIN is a founding member of the independent European Medical Market Access Network, or EUMMAN for short.

In April, the network was expanded to include Azierta, an established Spanish consulting giant from Madrid. Members of the network are European consulting firms from:

  • Germany,
  • Italy,
  • France,
  • UK,
  • Sweden,
  • the Netherlands
  • and Polen,

who make their services available to economic players in the medical technology market.

Like all members, Azierta sees itself as an outsourced office for clients and acts on an equal footing to develop regulatory solutions that go beyond their purely formal aspects and are developed under the criteria of pragmatism, efficiency and flexibility.

At BEO BERLIN, we expect more insight and faster access to the Spanish reimbursement system. In Germany we know the medical technical aids register (HMV, Hilfsmittelverzeichnis ), the LPPR in France is quite similar to our system. Italy, Belgium and others have their own national reimbursement systems, which are usually based on social legislation, i.e. require regulatory knowledge beyond EU-MDR know-how.

Our 20 years of experience in the realm of approval of medical devices shows that on-site contacts are essential in order to get to your destination quickly and efficiently and not head in the wrong direction.

Everything to do with the reimbursement of medical technical aids costs a lot of time and money anyway, so we want to avoid unsuccessful attempts as much as possible. Another side effect is that Azierta offers us the opportunity to reach the South American market for our customers in addition to the Spanish market.

Talk to us if you are interested in the European market. BEO BERLIN can remain your contact so that you do not have to fear further language barriers.


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