Hilfsmittelverzeichnis: Update of Product Groups 23, Orthoses and 52, Nursing Aids

Resulting changes regarding structure and / or requirements

The Hilfsmittelverzeichnis (German medical technical aids register) and the appendix to the register of nursing aids (Pflegehilfsmittelverzeichnis), which the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV Spitzenverband, “GKV”) compiles in accordance with Section 139 of SGB V, is a systematically structured catalogue Aids that are covered by the health and long-term care insurance companies’ obligation to provide benefits are listed. The outline is based on the respective therapy goal in 37 different product groups. The register for nursing aids consists of a further 4 product groups.

Two product groups have recently been updated; product group 23 orthoses and product group 52 nursing aids for more independent living / mobility. This translates into changes regarding structure and / or requirements.

Hilfsmittelverzeichnis update of product group 23: orthoses / splints

In the product group 23 Orthoses and the product group 52 nursing aids, the following changes were made:

  • Definitions, wording and technical terms were checked and adapted to the Medical Device Regulation (EU)2017/745 (“MDR”), among other things
  • The description of various product types has been made more specific in order to enable clearer individual product assignments
  • Previous NN product types have been integrated.

The GKV document „Fortschreibung der Produktgruppe 23 Orthesen/Schienen des HMV nach § 139 SGB V“ (Update of product group 23 orthoses / splints of the medical technical aids register according to § 139 SGB V) from April 14th, 2021 offers a general insight into this product group.

Hilfsmittelverzeichnis update of product group 52: nursing aids for more independent living / mobility

Nursing aids in this product subgroup are intended to help those in need of care to remain autonomous in their own home for longer and to help maintain independence.

3 product subgroups and their product types have been updated. In detail, these are the:

  • 52.40.02 Accessories for home emergency call systems

    • Alarm transmitters
  • 52.40.03 Nursing aids to improve cognitive and communication skills

    • Nursing aids for local orientation
    • Nursing aids for time orientation
    • Reminder aids for cri events
    • Products for the identification of risks and hazards
  • 52.40.04 Nursing aids for coping with and independently dealing with demands and stresses caused by illness or therapy

    • Products to support the taking of medication
    • Products for the measurement and interpretation of body conditionsn

The GKV document „Fortschreibung des Pflegehilfsmittelverzeichnisses nach § 78 Abs. 2 SGB XI i. V. m. § 139 SGB V Produktgruppe 52 Pflegehilfsmittel zur selbständigeren Lebensführung/Mobilität“  (Updating the list of nursing aids in accordance with Section 78 (2) SGB XI i. V. m. § 139 SGB V product group 52 Nursing aids for independent living / mobility) from April 14th, 2021.

Icon BEO Berater Our Recommendation

You should pay appropriate attention to the so-called “Fortschreibungen” (updates) and the associated requests by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds to update the documents. Responding in a timely and appropriate manner is paramount. Anyone who does not react to changes in requirements of various kinds will experience that the listed products are deleted from the list of resources. Difficulties with reimbursement procedures are then almost inevitable.

Read more in our previous artlicle on already published updates of product groups 08 and 32 of the GKV Spitzenverband .


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