HMV Representative Keeps Track of Your HMV Codes

Paying appropriate attention to updates of requirements and the associated requests by the GKV to update your documents is vital. The focus is on timely and adequate response in German.

HMV Representative acts on relevant updates in the medical technical aids register (Hilfsmittelverzeichnis, HMV)

Sales partners in Germany may not learn anything about the updates and then lose out. Anyone who does not react to changes in requirements of various kinds will experience that the listed products are deleted from the list of resources. Difficulties with reimbursement are then almost inevitable. You can read more in our recently published article on Updates of product groups 8 and 32 of the GKV, for example.

Why is an HMV representative recommended?

Unlike in other systems outside of Germany, there is no annual re-registration or fee to be paid. An annual inventory of the status of your own number is therefore no longer necessary. Thus the notification that reimbursement has been refused is all the more surprising.

Why is my product no longer listed?

It is not uncommon for people to fail to respond to messages from the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV Spitzenverband, GKV) in a timely manner in everyday life.
But there are also structural reasons:
• Perhaps the position that was entrusted with maintaining the aid number is no longer filled?
• Has a role never been set up to deal with this task?
• Maybe someone was on vacation or just didn’t have time?
• Has the message ended up in the SPAM folder and subsequently been ignored?
• Perhaps the message was not understood?
There are many other scenarios of everyday business life that justify the slipping of the news, which in the end is quite rare. This is particularly problematic for manufacturers who do not speak German.

An HMV representative can be the key to maintaining the HMV code you have acquired and thus an essential component of the reimbursement.

The medical technical aids register (HMV) and the appendix to the directory of nursing aids, which the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds creates according to Section 139 of the SGB V, is a systematically structured catalog. This lists the aids that are covered by the health and long-term care insurance companies’ obligation to provide benefits. The breakdown is based on the respective therapy goal in 37 different product groups. The list of nursing aids consists of another 4 product groups. In order to be able to successfully place home-care products on the German market, a listing in the above-mentioned catalog (medical technical aids register of the GKV Spitzenverband) is highly recommended. The reimbursement of costs by the cost bearers is usually made much easier.

Synonyms of the listings are, for example:
• HMV number
• HiMi number
• Item number HMV
• reimbursement code Germany

All manufacturers who have successfully completed the sometimes arduous path of the recording procedure have a great interest in keeping the number. When you enter the medical technical aids register, you can name an HMV representative. An HMV representative can be a natural or a legal person.

BEO BERLIN as your HMV Representative
• is always reliably available,
• reacts immediately and professionally,
• has the appropriate expertise and
• has appropriate answers to the GKV ready.

IF you want to be on the safe safe side contact us to discuss the topic step by step and find a solution for you.

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