HMV Update of Product Groups 08, Insoles and 32, Therapeutic Activation Devices

Recently, the HMV update of product group 08 insoles and product group 32 therapeutic activation devices was published.

HMV Update Product Group 8, Insoles

The 61 pages of the announcement of the GKV-Spitzenverband concerning insoles contain the updated definitions and descriptions of requirements. Accordingly, insoles are functional orthoses for supporting, bedding or correcting foot deformities, especially for relieving or redistributing the load on the soft parts of the foot. They are made of cork, leather, thermoplastics or fibre composites, such as carbon-based plastics. Ready-made loose foot supports that cushion or support the foot, fill excess space in the shoe or serve as protection against cold are not a benefit of the statutory health insurance. Insoles must be provided in a usable and fitting condition. Insole blanks by themselves as well as so-called “modular systems” do not qualify as aids.

HMV Update Product Group 32, Therapeutic Activation Devices

The updated definitions and descriptions of requirements for therapeutic activation devices can be found on the 75 pages of the notice of the GKV-Spitzenverband. According to this, they are divided into five types.

  1. Power-assisted motion devices (CPM devices) for short-term use (knee and shoulder motion devices) CPM motion devices are power-assisted motion devices for continuous, programmed, passive movement of joints.
  2. External power-activated movement devices are arm, leg and combination trainers for arms and legs for passive application (movement of paralysed extremities).
  3. Intrinsic force-activating devices (therapy plasticine); this is offered in different degrees of hardness and is intended to promote therapeutic measures through its plastic deformability.
  4. Therapy devices for children and adolescents (rolling boards); these promote muscle and movement functions in the case of restricted function of trunk and extremity muscles.
  5. Therapy support products for children and adolescents with neuromuscular diseases (therapy balls); these support therapeutic measures in the home environment.

Our HMV experts will answer any specific questions you may have about product group 08 and how to enter German medical technical aids register (Hilfsmittelverzeichnis, or HMV).

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