HMV – What Role Does the G-BA Actually Play

Not all HMV (Hilfsmittelverzeichnis = medical technical aids registry) application procedures involve the G-BA, the Joint Federal Committee. Nevertheless, it plays an important role.

The G-BA determines, within the framework already set by the legislator, which services may be provided by panel physicians and panel dentists at the expense of the health insurance funds. The National Association of Staturoy Health Insurance Funds (GKV, GKV-Spitzenverband) also turns to the G-BA in controversial matters and can obtain information. A typical question here is whether the use of an aid is an inseparable part of a new examination or treatment method. The information provided by the G-BA plays an important role in the application for an aid number (HMV code) and decides on the listability of a product, the type and scope of a product listing and the evidence of medical benefit to be submitted.

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