SRN – What is the Status?

The Single Registration Number (SRN) guarantees an EU-wide unique identification of economic actors (also outside of EUDAMED).

It is required by law and must be applied for in the EUDAMED “actor registration module”. So much for the summarised requirement. We reported on the activated module in the article “EUDAMED – Actor Registration Module Operational Since December 1st, 2020

The module in question is currently still to be used voluntarily, as EUDAMED is not yet fully operational. Nevertheless, many manufacturers already use the module and apply for the SRN.

  1. Access must be requested.
  2. After the application has been successfully completed, you can start with the registration.

Our inquiry with a Competent Authority revealed that incoming applications currently have to be put aside. Applicants are not always informed that no SRN can currently be assigned. However, it is planned to issue corresponding information to applicants on May 26th, 2021. It will also be pointed out that DIMDI entries are not automatically transferred to EUDAMED, which many assumed.
All economic actors who are already registered with DIMDI must register completely independently.

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